Supported mainstream CAPS curriculum
Supported mainstream CAPS curriculum
Grantley College offers a pathway for our learners to complete a full National Senior Certificate Grade 12. The curriculum in Grade 8 and 9 is CAPS compliant, underpinned with various support opportunities.
Grade 10 to 12 are fully CAPS compliant, with learners focused on their chosen matric subjects. In small classes of less than 15 learners, our staff can make sure each and every learner reaches their potential.
College of Hospitality
College of Hospitality
The College of Hospitality is a fully registered FET/TVET college within our school, offering learners who do not wish to follow an NSC Matric program, an opportunity to complete the Certificate in Hospitality during their Grade 10,11 and 12 years.

This certificate is a Grade 12 equivalency and opens the doors to university and further studies in the Hospitality and Managment fields.
College of Technology
College of Technology
The College of Technology will be offered for the first time in 2024.



The Academic Programme at Grantley College follows the CAPS curriculum, culminating in the Grade 12 Matric NSC Programme.

During the Grade 8 and 9 years, the foundation is laid for the FET phase, with educators focussing on skills needed for a success. We also believe that it is important to be future focussed with an emphasis on Robotics and Technology in Grade 8 and 9.

In the final term of Grade 9, a full battery of subject choice assessments is done for every student. This assists them in making subject choices that will be relevant to their futures.

The curriculum in Grade 10 – 12 is a mainstream CAPs curriculum, requiring great perserverance from the learners, who receive comprehensive support, both pastorally and academically.

We are extremely proud of our graduated learners, who have gone on to study and pursue careers in many diverse fields, from event and hospitality management, to education and business. ​

The Results
2021 – 100% Grade 12 pass rate with 33% Bachelor Pass
2020 – 100% Grade 12 pass rate with 40% Bachelor Passes
2019 – 100% Grade 12 pass rate with 48% Bachelor passes
2018 – 100% Grade 12 pass rate with 55% Bachelor passes
2017 – 92% Grade 12 pass rate with 47% Bachelor passes
2016 – 83% Grade 12 pass rate with 37% Bachelor passes


Subjects offered in Grade 8 and 9

Caps Compliant Curriculum

English Home Language
Natural Science
Social Studies
Creative Arts
Entrepreneurship [EMS]
Life Orientation
Robotics / Computer Skills
Subjects offered in Grade 10—12

National Senior Certificate Programme

Compulsory Subjects
English Home Language
Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy
Life Orientation
Selected Subjects
Physical Science
Business Studies
Hospitality Studies
Life Science
Design Studies
Computer Application Tech
Dramatic Arts


Subject Choice Guideline Booklet

Grantley College is an accredited, independent LSEN high school offering a supported mainstream curriculum from Grade 8 - 12. Grantley College caters for students who are in need of an education, with tailor made individual support, designed to unlock their full potential.

Grantley College follows the CAPS curriculum and offers a comprehensive range of subjects from Grade 10 to Grade 12 leading to the matric qualification.

Weekdays: 07:00 - 13:00