Principal Ponderings

Principal Ponderings

Date: 2021-03-19

Dear Parents and Friends

Once in a while, each and every one of us want to be recognised – recognised for giving of our best in difficult times.

Last year was not the easiest year for a school to succeed academically, and so as I left on Friday for the District Awards, I knew I would return to school with a 100% pass rate certificate. I did not expect much more! To tell the truth, I was thrilled that our team, together with the Class of 2020 had attained the goldent 100% pass mark! This I must remind you is the third consecutive year we have received 100% pass rate.

I was sitting, only half listening when I heard the golden words – and the award for TOP SUPPORT SCHOOL in the Johannesburg East District goes to.. “drumroll”.. GRANTLEY COLLEGE – all thought of dignity vanished and I jumped up pucnching the air – I cannot guess what the other Principals must have thought. I floated to the stage to collect that award – I collected it on behalf of all the staff and students of Grantley College. From the admin staff to the educators, from the parents to the learners – This is YOUR AWARD. We are a world class school offering a premier high school experience, with comprehensive learning support in a compassionate environment.

WELL DONE GRANTLEY COLLEGE – three times in a row we brought this award home!


Mrs Visser


Grantley College is an accredited, independent LSEN high school offering a supported mainstream curriculum from Grade 8 - 12. Grantley College caters for students who are in need of an education, with tailor made individual support, designed to unlock their full potential.

Grantley College follows the CAPS curriculum and offers a comprehensive range of subjects from Grade 10 to Grade 12 leading to the matric qualification.

Weekdays: 07:00 - 13:00